Credit: World Economic Forum

From ubiquitous internet access to precise climate monitoring and affordable space tourism, a new golden age of space economy led by the commercial sector is upon us, or is it?

How can investors, companies and governments leverage an arguable one trillion dollar space industry to benefit society?

In case you missed it, yesterday the World Economic Forum now underway in Davos, Switzerland, hosted a panel titled “The Space Economy Takes Off” featuring business and government leaders discussing the future of space investment, entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships.

Moderated by Jamie Heller of the Wall Street Journal, the panel featured:

  • Richard Ambrose, Executive Vice-President, Space Systems, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, USA
  • Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister and Minister for Communications, Media and Culture of Luxembourg
  • Howard L. Lance, Chief Executive Officer, Maxar Technologies, USA
  • Ion Yadigaroglu, Managing Partner, Capricorn Investment Group, USA

The panel was moderated by Jamie Heller, Business Editor, The Wall Street Journal.

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