In my new book for National Geographic – Moon Rush: The New Space Race – I dig into the science and technology – past, present, and future – central to our explorations of Earth’s only natural satellite, the space destination most hotly pursued today.

In these pages, I explore the Moon in all its facets, from ancient myth to future “Moon Village” plans. The text is illustrated with photographs, artwork, graphics and maps. I provide inside information about how the United States, allies and competitors, as well as key private corporations like Moon Express and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, plan to reach, inhabit, and even harvest the moon in the decades to come.

Spurred on by the Google Lunar XPRIZE – $20 million for the first to get to the Moon and send images home – the 21st-century space race back to the Moon has become more urgent, and more timely, than ever. Accounts of these new strategies are set against past efforts, including stories seldom heard about the Apollo missions and Cold War plans for military surveillance and missile launches from the Moon. Timely and fascinating, this book sheds new light on our constant lunar companion, offering reasons to gaze up and see it in a different way than ever before.

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