Jeff Bezos accepting the first annual Buzz Aldrin Space Innovation Award in July 2017.
Credit: Chuck Davis entrepreneur and space visionary, Jeff Bezos, is on the lookout for those interested in orbital habitats.

According to a Blue Origin’s posting, the private space firm wants to develop the company’s vision of millions of people living and working in space.

To do so, humanity will require places for them to live and work: space destination systems in which value-creating economic activity can occur.

“LEO (low Earth orbit) habitable stations, learning from but going beyond the ISS (International Space Station), are a first step. Such stations, supporting a robust LEO economy, will be fundamentally different from ‘exploration’ habitats designed for small, professionally trained crews in deep space,” the website explains.

International Space Station
Credit: Roscosmos

Task at hand

Here’s the task at hand, as defined in the careers section of the website:

“As Blue Origin’s Formulation Lead for the Orbital Habitat product line, you will lead development of technical concepts, product strategies, business cases, customer relationships, market-shaping outreach, industrial partnerships, implementation approaches, and supply chain.”

Kick ass boots of space businessman, Jeff Bezos.
Credit: Jeff Bezos/Twitter

In addition the lead will partner with business development professionals, and will develop a detailed understanding of NASA, other government, and commercial needs and guide the iterative development of product strategy.

Lastly, “you will be accountable for capturing external and internal sponsorship funding to establish viable LEO destination systems in the 2020s.”

Bottom line of the job description: “You will directly impact the history of human spaceflight.”

For more information, go to:

Then scroll down to: “See Open Positions” and checkmark “Program/Project Management” and view R4688, “Orbital Habitat Formulation Lead.”

Good luck…and send me a message if you get the job, either from Earth or in Earth orbit on your inspection tour!

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