In case all you bright-eyed sky watchers missed it, a verdict on the James Webb Space Telescope via an external independent review board now finds the JWST a tad behind: Now March 2021.

Rejoice in this overview by the NASA chief, Bridentstine:



Background resources

To read a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) review of JWST, go to this Highlights Page at:

No doubt, Webb will be the world’s premier infrared space observatory and the largest astronomical space science telescope ever built.

But it has been a long saunter down the infrared carpet for the telescope.

Integration delays

NASA has previously announced that JWST’s launch would be delayed several months, from October 2018 to no later than June 2019, because components of the telescope are taking longer to integrate than planned.

Take a look at my Scientific American story for details about the JWST:

Is the James Webb Space Telescope “Too Big to Fail?” – Backers of NASA’s next great observatory contemplate its worst-case scenarios

For a video look at JWST, go to the Northrop Grumman overview published on Jan 24, 2017 at:

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