Image credit: NIAC

NASA’s forward thinking Innovative Advanced Concepts program (NIAC) has selected six visionary concept studies for additional funding and development.

And the winners are:

Fluidic Telescope (FLUTE): Enabling the Next Generation of Large Space Observatories

Pulsed Plasma Rocket: Shielded, Fast Transits for Humans to Mars is an innovative propulsion system

The Great Observatory for Long Wavelengths (GO-LoW)

Radioisotope Thermoradiative Cell Power Generator

Image credit: Ethan Schaler

FLOAT: Flexible Levitation on a Track

ScienceCraft for Outer Planet Exploration

The NIAC Phase II conceptual studies will receive up to $600,000 to continue working over the next two years to address key remaining technical and budget hurdles and pave their development path forward.

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