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Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab


A letter-writing campaign to Congress requesting transparency with respect to Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) is underway.

The activity has been sparked by a report that is due this June from a UAP Task Force established last year by the Department of Defense.

The Department of Defense established the task force “to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs.  The mission of the task force is to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to U.S. national security.”

Countdown underway

When the December, 2020 COVID-19 relief bill was signed into law, it triggered a 180-day “countdown” for intelligence agencies to provide a report to Congress summarizing what the government knows about the UAP situation.

The letter-writing campaign has a website, replete with a countdown clock, explaining that, for the first time in history, “American citizens have the opportunity to engage our government and influence the extent of the unclassified information included in this historic public report. The countdown to June 25, 2021 is underway!”

Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab

E-mail requests

A sample e-mail is provided so participants can request that 1) the unclassified assessment specifically address the longstanding assertion that the government is aware of craft of unknown origin displaying advanced operational capabilities that defy physical laws as humans understand them and 2) Congress and the Department of National Intelligence faithfully and honestly release these data and any additional evidence as part of the congressional report.”

Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab



Additionally, the sample e-mail also requests the release of “all historical data whose 25-year classification requirement has expired that has been collected over many decades by different intelligence agencies.”







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