UK Spaceports.
Credit: UK Space AgencyLaunch UK


The United Kingdom has put in motion a draft Spaceflight Bill, promoting the construction and operation of spaceports across the UK for the first time, as well as giving the go for spacecraft to be rocketed spaceward from British soil.

Tariq Ahmad, aviation minister, said: “We have never launched a spaceflight before from this country. Our ambition is to allow for safe and competitive access to space from the UK, so we remain at the forefront of a new commercial space age.” The UK’s space sector is the future of the British economy, he added.


Safe and cost-effective access to space

The bill has been presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Transport by Command of Her Majesty.

“This draft spaceflight legislation will be fundamental to enabling safe and cost-effective access to space from the UK so creating high-value jobs and economic benefits across the country. It is important we get this complex new legislation right to create a safe, competitive and sustainable commercial spaceflight market,” notes the foreword to the bill.




To review the draft UK bill, go to:

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