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Those purported eye-catching and sky-cruising unidentified flying objects over the decades have captured the public’s attention. As exoplanet detection is on the rise, why not consider that star-hopping visitors from afar might be buzzing through our friendly skies by taking an interstellar off-ramp to Earth?


On the other hand, could those piloting UFOs be us – our future progeny that have mastered the landscape of time and space? Perhaps those reports of people coming in contact with strange beings represent our distant human descendants, returning from the future to study us in their own evolutionary past?

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The idea of us being them has been advanced before. But a new book, Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon takes a fresh look at this prospect, offering some thought provoking proposals.

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Are the aliens us? UFOs may be piloted by time-traveling humans, book argues

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  • Norma Hickox says:

    I just read your article on about aliens being humans. I published my own book, “Those Amazing Aliens,” in 3018. Following are som excerpts from mu book:
    • Aliens are us. We are them.
    • UFOs are Inside Mind of Humans
    • The “secret “of manifestation of UFOs is inside the mind of all humans. This is why it is so confusing and so hard to understand. Every human being on the earth has these other beings as part of themselves.
    • The point of all this is that it needs to be clear that the manifesting of UFOs is done by humans themselves.
    • Aliens are the Other Halves of Our Souls
    • To start with there are two kinds of aliens that are in contact with earth. There are inner spacemen and outer spacemen. The inner spacemen are previous incarnations (inner beings) of everyone incarnated on the earth plane at the present time. The outer spacemen are the inner beings of inhabitants from other planet systems than earth.
    • The UFO contactee is one of the person’s own former incarnations or personalities.

    I would be glad to send you a copy of the book, either digitally or as a paperback, if you would be interested in seeing it. I have been communicating with aliens for over 35 ears. My web site is

    Norma Hickox
    1750 Marcella Street
    Simi Valley, CA 93065
    805 501-8660

  • Nick Merritt says:

    Leonard David is on the right track. The most likely explanation is they are human but NOT from the “future”. The UAPs are NOT curious about humans because they are humans. Both ancient structures and biblical text provide high probability that advance technology existed in the past. I am not religious but biblical text is required for calculating the probability of the past.

    Using Leonard’s truth seeking method I would conclude the UAPs are a branch of advanced humans that exist in the same time as us. The question I ponder is where do they live ( here / there / space )?

  • Jordan S. says:

    Mr David,

    I recently had an almost unexplainable experience that led me to this article after doing some research. I am looking for someone to talk to about it but also figured I might be able to share some of the information from the experience for your research. Please feel free to email me. Thanks!

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