Earth’s Moon and cis-lunar space are new destinations for numbers of nations. To what extent is that presence demand or promote a military presence?
Credit: Inside Outer Space



Leading military space strategy experts are pondering the role of cis-lunar space in the context of U.S. President Trump’s go-ahead to establish a U.S. Space Force.

Just how valuable is that property far from Earth, lying between the Earth and the moon’s orbit? Might this celestial real estate become hot property as an extension of military arenas in low Earth orbit, Medium Earth orbit, and geosynchronous orbit?

Presently, the military use of space is focused on geosynchronous Earth orbit inward, an arena of critical, multi-faceted spacecraft. Could cis-lunar space and the Moon itself become part of the military equation?
Credit: U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Corey Hook




Given forecasts of 21st century Moon and cis-lunar activities by both private and government entities, could this be an economic area of development that needs protection in future years, decades?

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Will the US Military Space Force’s Reach Extend to the Moon?

September 27, 2018 06:46am ET

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