Director of National Intelligence, Daniel R. Coats
Credit: DNI


Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats has unveiled the 2019 National Intelligence Strategy (NIS), noting the democratization of space and challenges ahead.

The NIS is the guiding strategy for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and will drive the strategic direction for the Nation’s 17 IC elements for the next four years.

No longer a solely U.S. domain, the democratization of space poses significant challenges for the United States and the IC.

Credit: DNI

Anti-satellite weapons

“Adversaries are increasing their presence in this domain with plans to reach or exceed parity in some areas. For example, Russia and China will continue to pursue a full range of anti-satellite weapons as a means to reduce U.S. military effectiveness and overall security.”

“Increasing commercialization of space now provides capabilities that were once limited to global powers to anyone that can afford to buy them. Many aspects of modern society—to include our ability to conduct military operations—rely on our access to and equipment in space.”

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