Artist’s view of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in space, up and operating tackling a full agenda of space science conquests.
Credit: Northrop Grumman

I have become perplexed at the status of the Just Wait Space Telescope (JWST)!
Read this first:
Iconic astrophysics
In my writings on this icon of astrophysics to be – and given the latest appraisal – I do wonder what role smallsats could play in:
Breaking up the mission into smaller pieces?;
Cherry-picking instruments on JWST as smallsat payloads?;
Use of distributive mirror collection arrays?
Impact of new ground-based astronomy techniques – usurping JWST?
I have outreached to a number of space specialists on their advice. (story to come!)
But any thoughts on this investigative probe and advice from the Inside Outer Space/Facebook readership…and/or contacts you would suggest – pro/con is welcomed.
Again, all this may make NO sense…but something is amiss here and do wonder whether or not smallsat astrophysics might play a role – particularly if the costly JWST is a huge failure on launch or a dud via in-orbit deployment?
Viewpoints welcomed.
Grouchy Leonard

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