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NASA camera man Bill Ingalls is a sharp shooter for the space agency and has stories to tell.

Ingalls has been a professional photographer for three decades and has served as the Senior Contract Photographer for NASA Headquarters since 1989. 

Ingalls has traveled the world photographing missions for NASA. We have all been witness to his assignments and the resulting catalog of his impressive images, be they a launch departing Kennedy Space Center in Florida; the inside of an active volcano in Alaska; clicking away in the White House Oval Office to the brutally cold Kazakh steppes; and even crawling around on the floor in a Capitol Hill hearing room. He says, “because I can’t get up anymore.”

Go to my new story – “The amazing eye and insight of NASA space photographer Bill Ingalls” a photographer that has captured some of NASA’s most historic moments over the last three decades.

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  • Graham Gibbs says:

    Bill is a wonderful photographer.
    He even took photos at my leaving party at the Canadian Embassy after my 20 plus years representing the Canadian Space Agency/Space Counselor.
    Best wishes Bill!

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