Credit: NPO Lavochkin/Inside Outer Space screengrab

Take a virtual walk through history in a Russian museum of cosmonautics.

JSC NPO Lavochkin in Moscow has inaugurated an unprecedented look at the Soviet history of aircraft and rocketry development, including space heritage craft such as the country’s Lunokhod wheeled Moon explorer and its Venus landing craft.

All exhibits are presented in high quality and there is an English version for foreign virtual visitors.

Credit: NPO Lavochkin/Inside Outer Space screengrab

Luna stations

The museum of JSC NPO Lavochkin was founded on June 25, 1965, undergoing a renovation in 2012.

Exhibits tell the story of the enterprise (Design Bureau and Plant No. 301, Machine-Building Plant named after SA Lavochkin, and then, NPO) from 1939 to the present.

This superb collection includes 26 spacecraft, including genuine reentry vehicles from the Luna-16, Luna-20 and Luna-24 stations, as well as a flight copy of Lunokhod-3 and its correcting and braking propulsion system.

Credit: NPO Lavochkin/Inside Outer Space screengrab

Pioneering enterprise

Also featured are models of aircraft and missiles developed by the enterprise are presented ( LaGG-3 , La-5 , La-7 , experimental fighters: 160 , 176 , 200 , La-250 , missiles: ZUR-205 , ZUR-217 , intercontinental cruise missile “Tempest” ), personal belongings of the leaders of the OKB – S.A. Lavochkin and G.N. Babakin.

“The creation of a virtual tour embodies the idea of ​​the availability of modern museums, which is especially important in the current epidemiological conditions,” the museum explains. “A friendly team of the Lavochkin NPO Museum took part in the implementation of the project.”

To take a virtual tour of this amazing museum and its collection of pioneering spacecraft that is typically visited by nearly 3,000 people a year, go to:

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