Credit: Monash University

Credit: Monash University

How can you survive on the Red Planet? What’s the science behind the human exploration of Mars?

Australia’s Monash University has created a world-first online course designed to teach participants for free about how to live on Mars, where there is no air, water or food – yet!

Starting October 24, the course will examine interdisciplinary skills and meticulous planning required for sustaining human life on the Red Planet’s hostile environment.

The course runs for four weeks at three hours per week.

Problem solving skills

Case studies and insights from leading experts in the field of chemistry, astronomy, physics and geology will demonstrate the basic science and problem solving skills you can use in everyday life – be it on Earth or Mars.

Home away from home. Credit: NASA

Home away from home.
Credit: NASA

The online course is led by a Monash University team: astrophysicist Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway, and chemist Tina Overton. They have developed an interdisciplinary online science journey to inspire new generations of Martian explorers.

The free FutureLearn course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the basic science required to survive on Mars, and does not require prior knowledge of the subject.


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