Image credit: CTV/Inside Outer Space screengrab


Another chunk of space junk appears to have fallen on Saskatchewan farmland in western Canada.

Found on farmland on April 28, the recovered debris appears to be leftovers from the “trunk” of a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

Image credit: CTV/Inside Outer Space screengrab


A re-tracing of the ground track of the suspected SpaceX leftover goes right through Saskatchewan, above the Ituna-situated farm area, reports Harvard re-entry specialist Jonathan McDowell, as reported by Canada’s CTV broadcasting network.

SpaceX Dragon “trunk.”
Image credit: SpaceX





Down under debris

Similarly, in July 2022, bits from an unpressurized trunk of a Dragon spacecraft – discarded prior to spacecraft re-entry – were found in Australian outback.

Chunks of space junk rained down in Australia, later identified as SpaceX leftovers from its Crew-1 Mission that flew in 2020-2021.
Photo courtesy: Brad Tucker

The Australian Space Agency later confirmed the space debris found in southern New South Wales was SpaceX trunk junk.

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