Credit: Space Legaltech

Space Legaltech is a free and impressive legal research platform dedicated to space law.

This innovation, created by the Space Institute for Researches on Innovative Uses of Satellites (SIRIUS Chair) provides access to all spatial laws and regulations around the world through an interactive map: laws, decrees, ordinances, authorization, launch, registration, control of space objects and security, etc.

Working tool

With nearly 100 countries represented, 250 legal texts referenced and 7 major spatial agencies analyzed, Space Legaltech is a working tool for the legal community wishing to follow more closely the evolutions and trends of space activity in the world.

Space Legaltech publishes different infographics to explain the national space law legislation in a visual and easy way. You can watch and download infographics of UK, France, US, Chinese, Canadian, Brazilian and Russian national space regulation.

Credit: Space Legaltech

Legal framework

The website is geared to several themes, such as:

  • Learn more about how states deal with space activities
  • Understand the hierarchy of the legal framework
  • Discover states’ space agencies
  • Find out how regulation is applied by national space agency
  • Grasp the legislation’s reach
  • Follow the evolution of space legislation

To tap into this informative space law tool, go to:

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