The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) has blueprinted what they term “the modern day space elevator – 2021.”

According to ISEC’s president, Pete Swan, the space elevator idea is ready to begin engineering development. “It is the Green Road to space,” he explains, part of a dual space access architecture which includes advanced rockets. Furthermore, the space elevator is part of a permanent transportation infrastructure for the movement of massive cargo to GEO and beyond and enabling new enterprises along the way.

Galactic Harbors will unify transportation and enterprise.
Credit: ISEC

Video presentations

Highlighting current thinking about the space elevator, a series of ten video presentations are available demonstrating that the engineering development of the space elevator is ready to begin. The videos were part of Blue Marble Week, an event run by the Space division of Foundation for the Future and co-sponsored by ISEC. 

Global momentum

Additionally, ISEC is soon releasing the anticipated report: Space Elevators: The Green Road to Space. The essence of the report is that space elevators 1) are green in that they raise the payloads to the Apex Anchor with electricity — no burning rocket fuels, and 2) they enable green missions that are not really doable with even advanced rockets launching 1,000 times a year — the limit of 20 tons to GEO per launch is very restrictive when looking to deliver 5,000,000 tons for Space Solar Power or 1,000,000 tons to Mars for SpaceX and Elon Musk’s Red Planet-placed colony.

“There is currently a large global momentum for humanity’s movement off planet,” ISEC’s Swan says, “and the space elevator provides the infrastructure for that movement.”

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  • Peter Swan says:

    Leonard, thanks – I can count on you to see the “big picture” and the potential of mega-projects that will take tremendous efforts to fulfill. We at ISEC believe we have past the studying phase and now have a material for the tether which leads to the ability to actually build space elevators within 10 to 12 years. One big realization recently is that Space Elevators can move massive tonnage to GEO and beyond in a green manner and fulfill so many of humanities dreams. We are starting along that path… Lets go!

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