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If you didn’t have that winning big billion dollar + lottery ticket, here’s another toss of the dice.

The new space race isn’t to the Moon, but rather to Mars and the analysts at MyBookie say the smart money is on Elon Musk.

In-depth look

Analyst & oddsmaker, David Strauss took an in-depth look at the two private aerospace companies and determined that SpaceX and their Big Falcon Rocket places the company far ahead of Blue Origin as well as any government organization.

Credit: Subcommittee on Space, Committee on Science, Space, and Technology/Screengrab

Strauss said in a press statement: “Bezos may have the discipline, but Musk has the infrastructure and just the right amount of craziness to make a successful mission happen. The days of government organizations staging trip to another planet are behind us. I would be surprised if NASA truly makes it back to the Moon.”

Rocketeer Jeff Bezos and his commercial rocket firm, Blue Origin.
Credit: Blue Origin


Odds are

The MyBookie stats regarding the first organization to send a crewed mission to Mars:

Space X: -300 odds or 75% chance

Blue Origin: +400 or 20% chance

Boeing: +500 or 17% chance

US Space Force: +2000 or 5% chance

Russia: +4500 or 2% chance

NASA: +6000 or 1.5 percent chance

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