Sergei Krikalev, Roscosmos Executive Director for Manned Space Programs
Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Russia’s Roscosmos has proposed extending the country’s use of the International Space Station until 2028, for now.

In an interview with the Interfax News Agency, Sergei Krikalev, Roscosmos Executive Director for Manned Space Programs, said that documents for Russia’s further ISS operation have been submitted to the government for consideration and coordination.

Image credit: Roscosmos/NASA

“For now, we are talking about 2028,” veteran cosmonaut Krikalev told Interfax. “Historically, extensions have been made for four years: we had an agreement until 2020, and now it is valid until 2024. We can extend it until 2028 and then make a decision depending on the situation and analysis of technical and program feasibility,” he said.

As noted by Interfax, the current agreement on ISS operation expires in 2024.

Roscosmos head, Yury Borisov, previously said that Russia’s exit from the ISS project should be synchronized with the start of construction of a new Russian space station.

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