Viewing room for sky-high logos.
Credit: NASA

Coming to a sky near you?

Microsatellites equipped with a laser system for projecting images in the night sky are to be placed in Earth orbit – a “pay per view” way to advertise a message to Earth watchers.

Moscow-based Avant-Space is a team of professionals who have participated in more than 10 space projects. Company engineers have unique knowledge in the field of creating laser systems, electric propulsion engines, and onboard satellite control systems.

Avant Space is headquartered in Moscow’s Skolkovo Innovation Center, a high technology business zone.

Artificial constellation

The Russian company explains that their plan is to permit companies and individuals to brand the sky with logos, initials, or other symbols.

Granted, it’s not quite the Bat-Signal projected by a huge lamp planted in Gotham City…but it is a close call.

For Earth watchers, the grouping of laser-emitting satellites is expected to be comparable in brightness to the planet Venus.

Credit: McDonald’s

Niche in space

According to the firm’s website, they will work with clients on shaping the constellation, the number of satellites, the time and place of the first appearance of the brand and the total operating time of the system over any select location.

“We have tested a laser in the stratosphere at an altitude of 30 kilometers. The ‘constellation’ will be visible even over large cities, where high light pollution interferes. We can give you a demonstration of the laser brightness if needed,” the website explains. “You will occupy a niche in which your competitors do not yet exist.”

“Just do it” via Nike ad.
Credit: Nike

Implementation period

Avant Space says that to crank out the satellites is 24 months. Launching into space and deploying the constellation in orbit takes about 6 months. Total implementation period is 30 months.

What if it’s cloudy? There are two options: Either change the location or select a different date for the satellites to fly over the preferred city.

Credit: Starbucks 





The company notes that to launch these specialized spacecraft, as well as getting the okay to display ads from space, special permissions are not required.







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