Credit: NASA

NASA has initiated a contest seeking packaged and deployed concepts for a radiation shield that would envelop the habitation portions of a Mars spacecraft.

“We are seeking novel folding/origami-based patterns and concepts for packaging a large radiation shield within a single launch vehicle that can be deployed around a Mars vehicle in cis-Lunar space,” according to NASA fact sheet on the challenge.

Major concern

One of the major concerns to humans embarking on interplanetary space travel is the space radiation environment and the resulting damage to the human body.

“So, we want to focus on what we know works in protecting humans from space radiation and figure out how to construct a large shield on an interplanetary space vehicle,” NASA explains.

Credit: Inspiration Mars Foundation

Wanted: creative ideas

This challenge seeks creative ideas that can be shown using diagrams, graphics, 3D models, or animations that at a minimum show the stowed and deployed configurations

At least one winner will receive an award of $500. However, multiple submissions may be selected for prize amounts between $100-$500, depending on the submission evaluation.

The opening date of the challenge was 7/26/2017, with a closing date of 8/15/2017.

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  • Canada Metal says:

    NASA has indeed taken a great initiative! I think this is a huge platform for creative minds to make their ideas stand out! It is not about wining but to explore new aspects of space technologies and experiment with the old ones.

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