Credit: Werenbach


A Swiss space startup produces wristwatches made from the “upcycled” material of flown space rockets.

Zurich-based Werenbach is the start-up company offering “Race to Space Editions” of watches that incorporate materials from two rockets.

Credit: Werenbach



The watches belong to the MACH33 family. All models contain not just material from the respective space rocket but symbolic sections of the rocket: they are cut from the flag prints on the rocket faring as well as from the very tip of the rocket itself.

Credit: Werenbach




Watch 1: RTS1 RUS – Russia Flag Soyuz MS-04, 99 pcs

Watch 2: RTS2 USA – USA Flag Soyuz MS-04, 199 pcs

Watch 3: RTS5 GER – front of rocket Soyuz MS-09 (in reference to the first German ISS commander), 199 pcs

Credit: Werenbach


Special feature

Each of the watches in the MACH33 collection has a special feature: an integrated microchip that allows you to be connected to the livestream of Earth from the International Space Station, thanks to your smartphone. With these real-time video feeds, the watch-wearers can share a view that previously was only available to the astronauts aboard the ISS, but now can be accessed thanks to the watch on your wrist.

The watch straps, also made new for the collection, are each made in the respective national colors of the three countries.

The models are manufactured in limited quantities due to the very limited resources used for the editions.

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