It’s called Project Moon Dust – intended to inspire and educate the next generation of space travel hopefuls.

Behind the effort is Zybek Advanced Products, founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. The group has established a project funding effort for a Lunar Simulant Educational package. 

If the project is successfully funded on Kickstarter, 25% of the funding will be used to design and purchase the packaging and printed material that will be included in the educational package. 

The remainder of the funding will be used to create five educational videos.

Zybek will produce and package the actual lunar simulants at their facility located in Boulder Colorado.

Project Moon Dust prototypes involve a “Hobbyist Package” and an “Educational Package.”

Knowledge and inspiration

Zybek has invented (and patented) a machine that will reproduce the lunar regolith and other celestial materials here on Earth, explains Mike Weinstein. “Our patented Remotely Coupled Transferred Arc Plasma System for 20,000 Kelvin (35,000°F) is able to simulate conditions similar to meteorite and micrometeorite impacts on the Moon.”

Zybek’s Weinstein notes that Project Moon Dust was designed to combine a tangible element of outer space with the knowledge and inspiration to motivate society to once again believe in the unbelievable and rejuvenate the passion for space exploration.

NOTE: This venture will only be funded if at least $40,000 is pledged by Friday March 7 at 9:37am EST.

Mantra for the project

Being Project Moon dust, a special mantra is being followed:

Knowledge is power,

Seeing is believing,

Testing is essential,

Space Travel is our Future.

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By Leonard David


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