Jared Isaacman, mission commander for Polaris Dawn.
Image credit: Barbara David

The crewmembers of the Polaris Dawn mission are busily training for their orbital flight early next year, one that will see the first commercial spacewalk, as well as carry out studies on the long-term implications of microgravity and radiation on human health.

Polaris Dawn’s four-person team recently visited the University of Colorado, Boulder, detailing their flight with aerospace professors and students. The university’s BioServe Space Technologies center is orchestrating a set of investigations to perform on Polaris Dawn.

The Polaris Dawn crew (center) detail their upcoming flight with University of Colorado, Boulder students and faculty.
Image credit: Barbara David

In an exclusive SPACE.com interview, the Polaris Dawn crew outlined the meaningfulness of their private space voyage onboard their SpaceX Crew Dragon craft, targeted for liftoff no earlier than March 2023 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.










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