Credit: Luke Jerram Studio

A new sculpture of Mars is ideal for studying the surface of the Red Planet up close and in three dimensions.

Artist Luke Jerram, based in the U.K. was commissioned by the Kunsthal KAdE museum in the Netherlands for a group exhibition, One Way Ticket to Mars. In the dark main room, the luminous colossal Mars globe floats in the space. The story of the trip to Mars unfolds in four narratives: the desire, the journey, the stay and homesickness.

The huge Mars work by Jerram is created from high resolution NASA data. At 20 feet (6 meters) in diameter, each centimeter of the Mars artwork details 7 miles (11 kilometers) of the surface of Mars.

On tour

A new ambient surround sound composition by Dan Jones is currently in development, and is to feature NASA recordings and sounds of the desert. After Kunsthal KAdE, the sculpture of Mars will tour and be presented with this new composition.

Artist Luke Jerram
Credit: Luke Jerram Studio

Like Luke Jerram’s other artworks, Museum of the Moon and Gaia, this new Mars piece is designed to tour and be presented in a range of different contexts and cultures. Over the coming months Jerram will be researching humanity’s historical relationship with Mars, drawing out the stories, myths and beliefs which he hopes to present back to the public.

Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects.

Angelo Vermeulen, HI-SEAS Mission 1, 2013.
Courtesy: Kunsthal KAdE

Group exhibition

The One Way Ticket to Mars exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE in Holland is a group exhibition about Mars, featuring both artists and scientists who have made art and studied this planet. This exhibition has been on view since September 2019 and ends January 12, 2020.

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