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The European Space Agency (ESA) has released two new reports, one on use of space resources and a second document that reviews a strategy for Moon science.

Space resources will be a major topic of activity internationally over the next decade and may become a major motivation for investments in space exploration in the future.

According to this report, Europe has extensive expertise and capabilities to bring to this new field of investigation, from both space and Earth industries. Europe needs to engage now in order to have a role, to influence the way forward and benefit from the endeavor.

This document presents a strategic approach to the space resources opportunity, to enable sustainable human exploration in a way that seeks to optimize the terrestrial benefits, build a community and prepare a way to sustained and cost effective exploration in the future.

For the report — ESA SPACE RESOURCES STRATEGY, go to:

Credit: ESA

Moon science strategy

The Moon is a unique scientific resource, just three days from Earth, and whose true potential is only just being realized. The Moon is an archive of Solar System and cosmic history. The Moon preserves a record of the Earth-Moon system’s formation and the context for the emergence of life on Earth. The Moon provides a reference point for planetary science across the Solar System.

This report underscores the fact that the Moon may provide resources for future space exploration missions and to expand a space economy. The Moon provides a platform from which we can observe our Universe as never before. Recent scientific results have shown that we have only just begun to understand science of, on, and from the Moon and that there is a scientific imperative to return.

The document summarizes a strategy for science at the Moon that takes advantage of mission opportunities starting in the early 2020s and prepares for comprehensive scientific activities on European-directed missions.

For the report — ESA STRATEGY FOR SCIENCE AT THE MOON – go to:

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