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Judges in China are sifting through thousands of names and logo artwork for the country’s first Mars exploration project, slated for launch in 2020.

The judging panel consisting of academicians in the field of China’s lunar and deep space exploration, space engineering experts and artists have chosen eight names and eight logos after preliminary assessments.

The eight names listed by CCTV-Plus are: Fenghuang (phoenix), Tianwen (study of heaven), Huoxing (Mars), Tenglong (flying dragon), Qilin (Kylin), Zhuque (a legendary bird), Zhuimeng (chasing dreams) and Fengxiang (flying phoenix).

These names will be placed on Xinhuanet and for online voting and the final result will be published around April 24 – China’s Space Day.

Credit: CCTV America

Received and sorted

The process of collecting the names and logos started on Aug. 23, 2016 and ended 80 days later.

The websites of the China National Space Administration and China’s Lunar and Deep Space Exploration received and sorted out the names and logos coming from China as well as other countries and regions.

“We have collected over 35,000 names and over 7,000 logos for the project. Their design covers a wide area, including the humanistic spirit, the exploration spirit, and the culture of the Chinese nation,” said Liu Jizhong, deputy chief commander of China’s first Mars exploration project in a CCTV-Plus interview.

Go to this video for a preview of China’s mission to Mars:



Credit: CCTV America

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