Ready for her close-ups, Russian actress Yulia Peresild. Credit: Roscosmos/Inside Outer Space


That’s the upcoming scene onboard the International Space Station as Roscosmos commander Anton Shkaplerov, actress Yulia Peresild and movie director Klim Shipenko are ready for liftoff on October 5.

A Soyuz-2.1booster with the Soyuz MS-19 crewed spacecraft and ISS-66 expedition crew is scheduled to takeoff from Launchpad 31 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The trio is flying to the ISS to make a scripted, feature film in space, with the production’s working title called “Challenge.” 

Off-planet plot

The film reportedly is focused on a female doctor, who by force of dramatic circumstances has one month to prepare for the flight and go to the ISS to complete an important task.

This movie is part of a joint scientific and educational project of Roscosmos, Channel One and Yellow, Black, White studio.

“The project will show that spaceflights are gradually becoming available not only for professionals, but also for a wider range of people,” according to Roscosmos. “For example, similar accelerated training of film cast will be needed in the future to send other specialists to orbit, including doctors and scientists.”

Actress Yulia Peresild, Roscosmos commander Anton Shkaplerov, and movie director Klim Shipenko, ready for liftoff on October 5. Credit: Roscosmos/Inside Outer Space screengrab

Taking their seats

The first day of training sessions at Baikonur Cosmodrome took place on September 19. Under the supervision of Roscosmos, the team tried on Sokol KV-2 spacesuits, leak tested them and took their seats in the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft, familiarizing themselves with the cargo placement in the living compartment and the descent capsule, worked equipment they will use onboard the ISS.

Additionally, the expedition participants trained on manual docking of the Soyuz MS crewed spacecraft to the Russian segment of the ISS, checked stowage with scientific equipment for space experiments, and practiced ballistic operations and other preparatory procedures.

Credit: Yellow, Black and White studio


They also visited the Baikonur Cosmodrome to complete prelaunch training.

TV/Film credits

Russian actress Yulia Peresild and award-winning director Klim Shipenko are reportedly in thumbs-up condition for the upcoming liftoff.

Shipenko directed Russia’s highest-ever grossing film Son of a Rich and 2019’s box office hit TEXT.

Yulia Peresild’s screen debut was the role of Natasha Kublakova in the television series Land, later acting in various drama film roles such as The Bride and The Edge.

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