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It takes a Moon village – and the International Space University is onboard by creating a new Moon Village Association.

This week, more than 150 experts, engineers, educators and students from around the world gathered in Strasbourg, France to participate in the first International Moon Village Workshop.


Emerging focus

The consensus of the participants is the Moon Village concept?

First of all, there is immense potential to focus and communicate broadly an emerging focus on lunar exploration and development and activities throughout cis-lunar space (i.e., outer space in the vicinity of Earth and the Moon), according to an International Space University (ISU) press statement.

Also, here’s a factoid about the Moon Village: It is not a single location nor a traditional space project, but is rather a broadly defined conceptual framework encompassing a diverse suite of planned and potential future human activities in space.

Concept of view from a deep space habitat
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“Beginning now, and continuing into future decades the Moon Village represents a community comprising a wide range of future missions and emerging markets, including scientific research, commercial ventures, profound cultural developments and more,” notes the ISU press statement.

New networks

The Moon Village Association (MVA) partners with non-space organizations to promote international discussion and formulation of plans to foster the implementation of a Moon Village, and is creating networks — international/national/regional — to engage civil society around the world.

Moreover, the MVA has been set up to work with other space and non-space organizations (commercial, non-profit, government, and others) to organize dedicated Moon Village and related events, with the MVA making the results available.

Inside look at one idea the European Space Agency is exploring in its formulation of a “Moon Village” that incorporates 3D printing.
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For information on how to become involved in realizing the Moon Village, visit:

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