Credit: For All Moonkind

An interactive registry that catalogs human historical sites and artifacts on the Moon has been unveiled.

The For All Moonkind Moon Registry is a free online resource that provides overviews of every mission involving lunar exploration, including details on the objects related to those endeavors that are still on the lunar surface – from commemorative medallions and flags to rovers and scientific experiments.

As a registry, the online tool is not only an educational and awareness-raising tool, it can support a wide variety of services for historians, engineers, archaeologists and future lunar enterprises.

Credit: For All Moonkind

Historic value

In a press statement, Michelle Hanlon, Co-Founder of For All Moonkind emphasized that the history of humans on the Moon belongs to everyone on Earth.

“Yet I don’t think people realize that the first lunar landing sites are not protected by any law,” adds Hanlon, a space law professor at the University of Mississippi. She is also the newly appointed president of the National Space Society. 

“We are working to obtain international recognition and protection for sites in space that have universal historic value,” Hanlon explains.

Credit: For All Moonkind

There are more than 100 sites on the Moon that host evidence of human activity and ingenuity, Hanlon points out. “The sites include objects, bootprints and tracks that bear witness to some of the most remarkable moments in our human journey. Our mission is to catalog the sites, and all the objects they contain.”



















The For All Moonkind Moon Registry can be accessed at:

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