Credit: Energia

Credit: Energia


The former Soviet Union’s Luna 9 is the first survivable landing of a human-made object on another celestial body.

That historic probe landed on the Moon on February 3, 1966. the plucky probe. The beach ball-shaped craft took the first photographs from the Moon’s harsh landscape.

Image from the Soviet Union's Luna 9 Moon probe. Credit: NASA

Image from the Soviet Union’s Luna 9 Moon probe.
Credit: NASA


There’s a hunt on to find the true resting spot of Luna 9. And one researcher is closing in on the goods…maybe!

For more information on the whereabouts of Luna 9, go to my new story at Air & Space Magazine:

The Search for Luna 9

Fifty years later, researchers try to locate the first spacecraft to land on another world.

By Leonard David
Air & Space Magazine
September 2015

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  • beth oleary says:

    Another missing part of our space heritage. Kudos to Leonard David and a challenge to Phil Stooke.
    Where are USSR records?
    Good hunting
    Beth OLeary

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