A permanent human settlement on the Moon via Hawaii is being blueprinted.

Held earlier this month, an International MoonBase Summit (IMS) brought together representatives from academia, government and the private sector to help lay the groundwork for a base on the lunar surface.

“Because of its geography, geology and culture, Hawaii is the perfect place to build a MoonBase prototype,” explains Henk Rogers, an entrepreneur based in Hawaii and the organizer of the IMS.

Key issues

Working groups at the Summit, held October 1-5 on Hawaii island, focused on addressing key issues in the areas of:

  • commercialization and business dynamics for economic success
  • organizational structure and public-private partnership models
  • design and architectural principles
  • cultural and philosophical guidelines for planetary settlement
  • geological/geographic considerations for location of the International MoonBase (IMB) and its terrestrial analog
  • surface systems to build and operate the IMB
  • public engagement and educational opportunities

Summit decisions

Meeting participants included Apollo 11 moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin. He encouraged the development of the International MoonBase as a valuable gateway to Mars during his keynote address.

Inside look at one idea the European Space Agency is exploring in its formulation of a “Moon Village” that incorporates 3D printing.
Credit: ESA/ Foster + Partners

Three key decisions resulting from the summit are:

  1. The International MoonBase will be located close to one of the moon’s poles to enable access to the abundant lunar resources that exist there;
  2. The terrestrial analog for the International MoonBase will be located on Hawaii island to take advantage of the island’s many features that mimic the lunar surface;
  3. The Mahina Lani Simulator is envisioned to be funded by an innovative, self-sustaining model.

A Master Plan, scheduled to be drafted in the spring of 2018, will also include a large number of issues that will be the subject of trade studies in the months ahead.

Furthermore, a 3-D model of the International MoonBase is in development that will provide the public with a high-fidelity look at the layout of the base.

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