Artist’s illustration showing crewmembers arriving at their pre-deployed Mars Ice Home.
Credit: SEArch/Clouds AO

Ice Home is a deployable Mars habitat concept based on an inflatable structure that makes use of In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) derived water ice.

This off-world home could provide a large, flexible, and cost effective workspace that can be used for many of the key activities that are essential for the long term success of a human outpost on Mars.

An inside look at the makeup of the Mars Ice Home.
Credit: SEArch/Clouds AO

The prospect of accessible ice on the Red Planet warms the heart of a collaborative group at the NASA Langley Engineering Design Studio in Hampton, Virginia – an expert team that is chipping away at blueprinting a Mars Ice Home.






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‘Mars Ice Home’: Team Chips Away at Off-Earth House’s Design

December 21, 2016 07:30am ET

NOTE: Also, here’s a special website for more details on the team effort:




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