Credit: ISRO


India’s Chandrayaan–2 continues to make progress – a lunar orbiter/lander/rover mission.

A second Earth bound orbit raising maneuver for Chandryaan-2 spacecraft has been performed successfully today (July 26, 2019) at 0108 hrs (IST) as planned, using the onboard propulsion system for a firing duration of 883 seconds.

The Moon mission’s orbit is now 156 x 34,069 miles (251 x 54,829 kilometers).

Credit: ISRO

All spacecraft parameters are normal reports the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The third orbit raising maneuver of Chandrayann-2 is scheduled on July 29, 2019.

Lunar orbit insertion

The spacecraft is scheduled for lunar orbit insertion by August 20, 2019.

Once the Moon probe is in lunar orbit, imaging of the landing site region prior to landing will be done for finding safe and hazard-free zones.

Credit; ISRO


The lander-Vikram is slated to touch down near the south pole of the Moon on September 7, 2019.

India’s Pragyan rover mounted on the ramp projecting from out of the sides of Vikram lunar lander.
Credit: ISRO

Subsequently, the Pragyan rover will roll out and carry out experiments on the lunar surface for a period of one lunar day – equal to 14 Earth days.

The orbiter will continue its mission for one year.

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