Credit: Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU)

Throughout last year there has been an upsurge of peculiar sightings reported thanks to individuals armed with an iphone or other video gear that spot and record strange glimmerings in the sky.

Could they be a SpaceX parade of orbiting Starlink satellites, airplane-deployed flares, falling space junk, maybe floating specialty balloons or purposely-faked UFO incursions by people with too much time on their hands?

Then there’s the prospect of Earth being on the receiving end of aliens on holiday excursions speeding in from Alpha Centauri that find themselves want of brake fluid and crash into New Mexico.

Credit: DOD/U.S. Navy/Inside Outer Space screengrab

Many of these are ultimately flagged as what they are.

Nonetheless, is 2022 the year of the revelatory “disclosure” that we Earthlings are not only alone but there’s immediate need to start cogitating just how crowded it is out there with intelligent starfolk, busily scooting through our skies?

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