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Robert Zubrin, president of Pioneer Astronautics and the Mars Society has scripted a “Moon Direct” master plan.

The Moon is “now within reach.” Zubrin explains in an op-ed that appeared in the March 26, 2018 issue of SpaceNews magazine. “We won’t just be getting a local outpost: we’ll be getting complete global access to an entire world,” he writes.

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Foundation booster

Zubrin’s view is that the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, which made its debut February 6, is the foundation of the Moon Direct master plan for affordably returning humans to the Moon within four years.

Early concept of Deep Space Gateway. Should it be deep-sixed?
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Never shy on targeting NASA, Zubrin explains that the space agency’s lunar orbiting space station dubbed the Deep Space Gateway is a boondoggle with a price tag of several tens of billions of dollars. The Gateway serves no useful purpose whatsoever, he believes, except perhaps to provide a launch manifest for NASA’s big booster, the Space Launch System.

“If you want to get to the Moon, you need to go to the Moon,” Zubrin concludes. “We now have it in our power to do so. Let’s seize the time.”

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2 Responses to “How to Build a Moonbase in Four Years”

  • I, like so many, saw the original manned moon landing back in 1969, and as a teenager I expected the follow up to that with a permanent base there. but regrettably that failed to materialize. And since then there has been continued talk of such a base being set up by various organizations, again, all of which have not followed on. But I believe, that right now, because of people like Eon Musk? and his entrepreneurial kind, there is now a very real chance, at last, of such an enterprise happening. But in the mean time, why hasn’t any group or Government thought about putting a permanent, fully manned orbiting space station around it, enabling it to become a ‘base’ of sorts, one which enables Astronauts from many Countries to experience walking on the Moon, by providing ‘shuttle trips’ to and from that base. and also, to work on that body, preparing it for a permanent shelter there, and giving them experience of working in that environment,and also,giving those Astronauts real time experience, working on the surface of an Exo-space body, in anticipation of Asteroid mining in the future, in varied and many occupations relating to that science! just a thought!

  • Simon says:

    It seems at first glance by a non astrophysicist that the Moons gravity well is small enough that you may as well land rather than remain in orbit. Can anyone Express the penalty for landing in simple terms?

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