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A “Safeguarding the Astronomical Sky Foundation” has been established to preserve the astronomical sky by calling for a halt to further launches and deployment of megaconstellations.

According to those engaged in the effort, humankind stands at a precipice from which there will be no return.

“A Great 21st Century Space Rush is now underway by commercial enterprises and the military, fomented and enabled in the U.S. by the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] and other U.S. government agencies to grab, deploy, transform, and own the Heavens for private gain, defense, and weaponization.”

At issue for the Italy-based SAS Foundation: Over the next 10 years 80,000+ non-stationary low orbit satellites will be launched and seamlessly integrated in terrestrial 4G/5G/6G+ industrial and military networks. Scores of new satellites are being launched every week from the U.S. and other countries.

Credit: One spacecraft of the OneWeb satellite constellation.
Credit: OneWeb Satellites

Suing the FCC

It’s the SAS Foundation view that ground-based astronomical observations will be severely damaged by the ongoing deployment of large fleets of satellites to ensure the functioning of future telecommunications technologies.

A legal action called “Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative” was begun a few months ago, which is currently suing the American FCC in American federal courts of justice – filed on August 13.

The SAS Foundation was established as a non-profit-making non-governmental organization (NGO)-type Association/Foundation, “to give a clear reference to all environmental protection associations, professional and amateur astronomical associations, individual astronomers and all astronomical bodies and societies.”

Starlink satellites visible in a mosaic of an astronomical image.
Courtesy of NSF’s
National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory/NSF/AURA/CTIO/DELVE)

Not a distant threat

The SAS Foundation, together with the “Appeal by Astronomers” supports the Società Astronomica Italiana petition initiative against the night-sky light pollution.

“Astronomers are extremely concerned by the possibility that Earth may be blanketed by tens of thousands of satellites, which will greatly outnumber the approximately 9,000 stars that are visible to the unaided human eye. This is not some distant threat. It’s already happening,” according to the Appeal by Astronomers.

After gathering more than 2,000 signatures of astronomers from more than 50 countries the Appeal is now ready to be used at the local level to increase awareness by governments and NGOs of some of the harms that will be caused by those satellites.

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  • Mike Borgelt says:

    So we should not exploit the heavens at vast benefit to humanity for the benefit of a few stargazers?
    Might force the stargazers to push for a lunar farside observatory.

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