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Author and space philosopher Frank White coined the phrase “the Overview Effect” and defined it as “a cognitive shift in awareness” linked to “the experience of seeing first-hand the reality that the Earth is in space.”

The first international Overview Symposium is being held June 9-10 in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. The setting is the impressive Columbus Earth Center.

An international team of researchers, psychologists, philosophers, and scientists will facilitate keynotes, lectures, workshops, and debates. The unique audio-visual Earth gazing installation at the venue, Columbus Earth Center, as well as the latest in VR technology, will be experienced and analyzed by attendees of the symposium.

Common goal

Experts believe that the experience of this effect can greatly contribute to greater unity and peace among the populations of the Earth and the creation of a common goal: preservation and caring for the planet.

From space, borders and conflicts that divide humanity vanish. What remains is a shift in worldview and a shared need to protect the Earth.

The symposium will also mark the foundation of the Overview Laboratory Europe by Columbus Earth Center to continuously investigate and inform people about the existence, nature, and potential of the Overview Effect.





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    Hello Leonard,

    Very useful and interesting web site.

    Did you attend the “First International Overview Symposium”? I can not find out any information about it. Can you give me a reference to who’s talking about it.

    Did you experience the Columbus Earth Center effect? Any comments.

    I am in Sedona Arizona.

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