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The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) held on January 18 a discussion by experts focused on creating a more resilient civil space architecture.

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Top priorities

The Trump Administration has emphasized civil and commercial space as one of its top priorities with the reinstatement of the National Space Council, the signing of Space Policy Directive 1, and the recent National Security Strategy, which prioritized the improvement of our U.S. space architecture resiliency.

The Administration’s renewed focus on civil space requires a broader public discussion on America’s current civil space systems and how best to improve their resilience.

En Route to the Moon will focus on how NASA and others can promptly adapt civil space architectures in pursuit of the Administration’s mission objectives.

Credit: CSIS

Discussion experts

Among topics detailed: Threats and vulnerabilities for civil space system, navigation and timing lessons for civil space; resiliency in commercial space launch; new perspectives in civil space policy; as well as discussion of disruptive technologies.

Speakers included Sean O’Keefe, Distinguished Senior Adviser, CSIS, and former NASA Administrator; Kathryn White, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MITRE Public Sector; Renee Wynn, Chief Information Officer, NASA; Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning, Secure World Foundation; and Zachary Goldstein, Chief Information Officer, NOAA; Dan Hart, President and CEO, Virgin Orbit; Tom Study, Vice President and General Counsel, United Launch Alliance; and Josh Brest, Senior Director for Government Business, Space.

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