Credit: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

Credit: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

It had to happen.

After you have plunked down the cash to achieve escape velocity, there’s nothing like a “Drinkbot” to mix your drink in microgravity and dispense the cocktail.

For one, you’ve earned it after that nail-biting liftoff.

That’s the plan according to the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, slated to make its first public appearance at the Los Angeles edition of the Yuri’s Night World Space Party. Furthermore, the corporation has it’s “shake out” underneath the space shuttle Endeavor on April 11th, 2014.

The “system” incorporates a mechanized “Drinkbot” that mixes liquids in weightlessness and dispenses the cocktail into the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass.

Moreover, the first prototype models have been 3D printed, the cocktail recipe is currently being designed, and the “Drinkbot” is under construction, according to Samuel Coniglio, the group’s visionary designer.

Courtesy: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

Courtesy: Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation

Mainstream reality

“The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is an attempt to bridge the gap between the space tourism vision and mainstream reality,” says Coniglio, an admitted “retro-futurist.”

“By creating a fun object that appeals to many people,” Coniglio said, “we hope to show that space tourism is not an abstract concept but a stepping stone for improving the way people live, work, and play beyond planet Earth.”

The Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation is creating the first true cocktail made in zero gravity and recognizes that the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project has “down to Earth” value as well, which will be aggressively pursued through multiple branding and marketing strategies.

Flagship project

The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is going to be the flagship project for the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, added the group’s co-founder and bar industry entrepreneur, Russell Davis. Davis is a celebrity mixologist who is creating the cocktail and is on a TV show called Bar Rescue on SPIKE TV. He has won numerous awards and was chosen #1 Bartender in the USA by Bartender Magazine.

Also onboard the group is Hollywood special effects designer and fabricator Brent Heyning, CFO for the Space Frontier Foundation and space entrepreneur Paul Fuller, and award-winning roboticist and toy designer Nick Donaldson.

“With over two years of hard work, the team recognizes that there is a need for the space tourists’ to have practical applications in zero gravity that are based upon enjoyment and functionality, Davis emphasized.

“We plan on filling that niche, with the first being the cocktail, the vessel, and the ability to mix in space,” Davis said in a press statement. The Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation is a boutique concept, design, and branding company that develops stylish products for off-world use while connecting Earth brands to space.

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