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NASA has issued a new document – “the National Space Exploration Campaign Report.”

NASA sent Congress the human exploration roadmap required by the 2017 NASA Transition Authorization Act.

The 5 sections of the report are: Forward to the Moon, Mars and Beyond; Americans in Lunar Orbit and on the Lunar Surface; Living in Space Prepared Us for this Moment; Vistas of Opportunity and Discovery – Mars and Beyond; and Corporate Reform – Enabling Initiatives.

Strategic goals

“The National Space Exploration Campaign strategy is ready. It includes direction from the White House and Congress, with input from industry, academia, and most importantly, the American public,” the document explains. “It is not a repeat of efforts of the past 50 years. The National Space Exploration Campaign does not assume or require significant funding increases.”

Credit: NASA

The National Space Exploration Campaign has five strategic goals:

  • Transition U.S. human spaceflight in LEO to commercial operations that support NASA and the needs of an emerging commercial economy.
  • Lead the emplacement of capabilities that support lunar surface operations and facilitate missions beyond cislunar space.
  • Foster scientific discovery and characterization of lunar resources through a series of robotic missions.
  • Return U.S. astronauts to the surface of the Moon for a sustained campaign of exploration and utilization.
  • Demonstrate on the Moon the capabilities required for human missions to Mars and other destinations.

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