With an expected launch and return from the ISS in early Summer 2022, Dianna Rae Jewelry is flying a limited number of natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Available for sale to the public, each diamond will be numbered, laser engraved and documented by the American Gem Society Laboratory.

The Diamonds in Space Program are in a pre-sell mode, with the gems that are heading to space made available as loose gems or set into a mounting of your choice.

Cupola and shooting stars

Dianna Rae Jewelry, located in Lafayette Louisiana, is also offering a new line of space jewelry, taking design inspiration from the Space Station cupola, shooting stars and angels.

Prices range from $745 up to $2,000,000. “Natural colored diamonds are also being offered for those who want the rarest diamonds of all, from Earth or space,” according to a press statement. “Every step of the way, you will get to track your diamond’s 10 million mile journey as it makes its way to orbit and back to Earth.”

Credit: Dianna Rae Jewelry


What happens if there is a catastrophic incident?

“We are talking about a rocket explosion, a re-entry failure, something big that makes it impossible to deliver your diamond to you. You will be entitled to a full refund of your purchase price. We have flight insurance on the entire cargo. Typically you would see a refund in 60-90 days pending insurance settlements,” states a company FAQ.


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