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The Mars City Design group is working hard to provide an innovation platform for thought leaders to share and develop their ideas into sustainable products, with the dream to build a city and the lifestyles for the Red Planet, for Earth and beyond.

A 2nd Annual Gala Award Ceremony 2017 is being staged this October, featuring 2017 winners, space experts, and Mars pioneers, as well as some Hollywood celebrities.

Credit: Mars City Design

Eighth sense: biotune

According to Vera Mulyani, CEO & Founder of Mars City Design, a 2016 winner in the health category just received funding for a new venture, Eighth Sense. “This company will develop an innovative biotune device to help maintain the psychological wellbeing of our astronauts during the long duration of flight.”

This year, the winning designs of Mars City Challenges 2017 will be spotlighted in an October 12 gala/fund raiser, held at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California. Attire: “something red, strange, fun, and shiny.”

Credit: National Geographic

Honorary guest

An honorary guest for this upcoming event is Sammi Rotibi, a major actor in the Ron Howard National Geographic-produced series MARS and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.




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