There’s lots of Internet buzz about a purported “hut” imaged by China’s farside rover – Yutu-2.

Before you request a reservation at the so-called “Mystery House” as tagged in a Chinese Yutu-2 drive diary, take note.

It is a rock on a crater rim north of the rover’s last night parking location, advises Philip Stooke, Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Geography and Institute for Earth and Space Exploration at the University of Western Ontario.



“Yutu 2 will be a bit further on by now, moving towards that crater,” Stooke told Inside Outer Space. The rock is just visible in imagery snapped by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).

Map showing the latest position of China’s Yutu-2 rover and also the “Mystery House.” Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University/Philip Stooke




“Chinese media are very eager to find all sorts of strange things on the Moon.  We tend to think they are all tightly controlled and just repeat the party line, but there is a ton of stuff spinning every news item into a sensational headline…alien bases, millions of tons of priceless metals or unspecified substances, conspiracies about western interests in space and everything else,” Stooke adds.

China did recently issue a serious story about carbonaceous chondrite material discovered in a small crater, the same crater reported as having a ‘gel-like substance’ 2 years ago), Stooke says. 

China’s Yutu-2 rover.

Apart from serious stories, there have been lots of headlines about alien substances (or even aliens) found on the Moon, the lunar expert says, all adding up to nothing more than clickbait.

“So I am not surprised that a rock which, in low resolution images, looks roughly square and is played up as a hut or other type of building,” Stooke says. “Scientifically, the rock could be interesting and I expect it or nearby rocks on the crater rim to be studied in detail when they reach it early in 2022.  But it won’t look like a hut,” he concludes.

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  • Abdulahi says:

    Yes, probably, it’s a crater, but with its strange formation, there has to be a thorough investigation as why and how shape (The cube) can be naturally formed.
    I am not a scientist, but am interested in phenomenon things, and therefore, my suggestion is not more than an inquiry and I want to know more.

    • Dinosaur67 says:

      The LRO takes picture in very low resolution. One pixel is equal to 100m. Therefore rounded images an look squared off amongst other distortions of the images.

    • Anonymous says:

      May even be glass from heat and pressure of the impact site, it is a very large crater from a large object that hit

    • Gary says:

      They never showed a closeup photo. Why?

      • Leo says:

        They will never tell us anything different. A square shape is now a rock!? You can get to the moon but your camera is from 1980. Governments communicated and put this rock story.

      • Caption Kirk says:

        Maybe it’s trump towers for the space force
        Be interesting to see a closer image

    • Nate says:

      It’s going to turn out to be just a rock. If you zoom in on anything enough in a digital photo, it’s always a cube. They are called pixels.
      This is at best, moderately interesting.

    • Alex says:

      You have to remember that pixels themselves are square. When you have enough of them the eye can be tricked into seeing curves but with a low resolution image zoomed in so far.. well you start to see a lot of straight lines. You can see this on the rest of the image as well by zooming in on the horizon itself. It starts to look like a collection of straight lines as well. It’s also why you get that blur on the picture too. That individual pixel is averaging the color value of the black and grey values since there aren’t enough pixels available to have an actual edge.

  • Skeptical of lenny says:

    Case closed? Lol, ok. Whatever you say, Lenny.

  • Joe Duggan says:

    It looks like a McDonald’s to me

  • Jose Dejesus Diaz de leon Ambriz says:

    It’s ENKI’s hut.

    • Veronica fiedzuik says:

      Perhaps him and Marduk left something behind when they returned to earth after the flood. Lol. You never know.

  • Steven V says:

    I would like to see Stoole’d business card with all of that printed on it

  • Curiouslala says:

    It’s the Ascians!

  • Derek says:

    Click bait?! Not what this is at all!

  • BigD says:

    Case closed- government said it was cool…

  • Veronica fiedzuik says:

    Perhaps him and his son Marduk left something behind when they returned to earth after they waited out the flood. Lol. You never know.

  • Jay Dimo says:

    Were bums

  • Jay Dimo says:

    Its aliens

  • Duffman says:

    It’s a 24hour McDonald’s lol

  • RayRay says:

    this is the type of exploration we need more of from now on.
    Exploration with a plan, but, subject the plan to change(s) based on items (luke this) of interest that look unusual and need close up inspection and testing.

  • Pete says:

    No way in hell that is just a rock. It has geometry and symmetry. Perfect angles. A manufactured object. 2 front column-like features with a back wall.
    Nice try NASA but you fail again.

    • Julian says:

      It’s called a pixel. Low res digital camera shot, it’s averaging the color between black and gray as the resolution is so low there is no color information in between. Use your phone and take a picture of a distant object then zoom in on it. Things far out of range tend to square off when you zoom way in as the object begins to near the size of the pixels on the camera sensor. Its just a Boulder.

    • POTUS says:

      When u zoom up so close with a digital photo the square pixels will trick the human eye therefore ur seeing straight lines so that why u see what looks like a built structure. Its just a rock

  • A very patient person says:

    I’ll sit and wait for a “nvm” or a “scratch that”.

  • Matt V says:

    It’s easy to think that all information from China is Party propaganda, but it’s nice to see that they have clickbait, conspiracy theories, and alien fan-fiction.
    Stars… They’re just like us.

  • Bobby Chan says:

    Asian power (“The Hut” on the Moon) vs White power (“The Face on Mars)… it’s in fact very VERY revealing.

  • Moon Lord says:

    It looks blocky from the lowres porting. It’s a rock and you can see it from orbit. Please go ahead and assume it’s a golden house though if it excites you.

  • Rock says:

    Moonhenge? Looks too geometrical to be natural. Wonder what it really is?

  • Jay says:

    Sure it isn’t a baby Borg cube?

  • Will Riker says:

    Yeah it’s a low resolution image….

    Let’s have strong opinions about it once they’re up close with it

  • Joseph says:

    It’s a very semetric rock!!!

  • J says:

    Just curious as to why pic up close is so blurry? My phone camera takes better pictures. Just curious.

  • Barry Rudd says:

    The “hut” is the home of Moon Maid from the old Dick Tracy cartoons from the 1960’s for those of you old enough to remember.

  • Conner says:

    Why is there allowed to be a Chinese rover on the moon anyway? doesn’t the u.s.a. own the moon? I just am not looking forward to moon covid 22. lol

  • Oscar says:

    Case is not closed. Please explain why thats the only picture thats blurry. I know for a fact that if a machine was built to survive on another planet you best believe its going to take the best pictures that money can buy. So what are they hiding still?

  • Army Vet says:

    Case closed my a** you mean thats all the public needs to know. Let’s see some up close photos.

  • Prathik says:

    Why are all pics posted either by NASA or other space agencies depict taken during night ?

    From what I understand, mars is not that far from sun and it has also times of day with good day light . Same for moon as well

  • Runelore says:

    Lol no way! China are not known for their honesty and that is no rock, look at it! If they found a structure they’re are not going to say it

  • Leon Murray says:

    You Are the idiot pushingclickbait. This article is pathetic.

  • Timmy BROOKS says:

    Heck with it, they will never tell what it is anyway. We are too smart as humans to act so stupid. What are fish in a fish bowel , get us outta water we die. The bowl is our world outta water is space. There is so so much more. The world is going to change. God’s, are talked about all through history, they are not God’s, they sure from the future time and had advanced technology. Got to have a good heart, cannot get any good out of doing wrong and harm. This is either a test or punishment. Their has to be more. Humans are too smart to act so stupid@

  • Elon Sir, Would you please drive over and pick the package up for us? Concerned U.S.Citizen

  • Michael Shade says:

    The aliens that live in the moon contacted me through the world stalk and told us that if the rover came within 40 yards of the moon hut that there rover would be shut down, message was relayed to China and moved to 50 yards took few more pictures,than turned towards crater and case closed

  • Steven Jones says:

    It’s a tee Pre, made by American Indians. When the little rover gets closer, China will find that the USA already Jas a base on the Moon.Sorry China but it’s not in the S. China Sea so you can’t claim it as yours.Like you do to every country in the SCS.

  • Ricky says:

    This is no way is a case closed. No investigation has happened other than vague grainy guesstimation of assuming it’s a square rock. That would be a extraordinary claim and would require extraordinary evidence that it’s just a square rock. Prove it.

  • Al Lee Ann says:

    I wonder how much China was paid to keep their mouth shut about what it really is. A rock on the rim of a crater? Really??

    • Lloyd Swope says:

      I just want to know who took the picture of the buggy on the moon I guess it’s a selfie they can’t see the so called box clear but the buggy stands out like a sore thumb????

  • Jeff Greenaway says:

    how very convenient, lol sure its not a weather balloon, you must think the public stupid

  • DAVID C. Lamb says:

    It’s funny how the far away is clear and close-up blurry,it has CROCK written all over.

  • Moon Unit says:

    Nothing to see here…the guy with the really long credentials has debunked any and all mystery regarding this cube that naturally formed. Just look at all the natural cubes that form all over earth.

  • Brett hodkinson says:

    What china can’t get a better picture of the so called hut!,this day and age. Lol wanna use my carmera.

  • Dr. Venkman says:

    If course it’s a rock. The original phot was taken at a distance of about 80 meters. That means it’s about the size of a cooler. If it’s not tiny aliens, it’s a rock.

  • Carrman says:

    Can’t wait to see if they are really going to show what it really is we know NASA and the powers that be have a nack for blurry photos

  • Steve mario says:

    Funny how one picture is nice and clear and the one you want to see is fuzzy.
    You can do better then that.

  • LJ James says:

    I am pretty sure more has happened on the moon then any of us have any idea. There was a time when Aliens would have freaked us all out, but I do believe the time has come to let us in on it all. Time for us to truly understand we are one race !

  • Disclosure now says:

    Yutu 2 sends clear pictures of a structure way off in the distance, gets close to structure conveniently blurry picture. I don’t think so. Thanks for reporting on something that is being kept from us.

  • Edward Kelly says:

    It’s a new location for CITY WOK

  • Dave says:

    It’s a porta-potty

  • Jeff Nauseda says:

    Can they get further away from the oobject because I can almost see it.

  • Anna says:

    That’s where the man in the moon lives

  • Melissa says:

    Why can we always see the rover clearly or whatever is driving but rarely can see the object it is looking at clearly… Makes no sense.

  • The Lies of Philip Stooke says:

    Why are these scientists still think we are living in the 1800’s. Keep covering up for NASA. We’re not that stupid anymore. And so what if there are Aliens, a person with an open mind would know this even if we haven’t seen them. The universe is so vast that even for a human is incomprehensible. Of course there has to be hundreds of civilization out there. This is my personal opinion.

  • JustinPaceMusic says:

    That McDonald’s should never have an issue with soft serve orders.

  • Alex Tan says:

    Look like a squarish Sour Grape

  • Parallel Universe says:

    Obelisk ?!

  • The truth shall not be known if so show a upclose picture we are not convinced try harder

  • Skywalker says:

    Yoda! I finally found you after searchng for millennia I found you master! Teach me the ways of the Jedi

  • Blake R Lang says:

    For such expensive rovers they certainly have the worst cameras installed……

  • Jenny Glaze says:

    YUTA-2 imagery blur is only surpassed by its speed. It is moving closer to investigate but at it rate of precarious travel so far it will take approx 1 year to get there if it is over 200m away. According to my searches.
    Guess we are not as sophisticated as I thought. Will we still be kept informed or will this become old news.

  • Dennis Foster says:

    Once again blurry pictures. We are so stupid because we all continue to allow this crap. NASA is a complete Con-Job and the Chinese is no different. It’s time we as Americans fund private space exploration and demand Truth. WE THE PEOPLE are sick of the lies, deception and
    False narratives. If we can clearly see the subatomic particulates at the microscopic level, then surely we can get High Definition, extremely detailed photographs of artifact’s on the moon. So pathetic.

  • ShortCircuit says:

    Why can’t people just say they don’t know what it is? Is it an alien building? No evidence it is or isn’t, right now. Is it just a rock? Again, NO EVIDENCE. So at this point, the evidence shown has just as much support for it being an alien as a rock. So let’s wait until there is actual evidence to say it definitely is or definitely isn’t something. Me, I’m going to laugh if it actually is an alien, after all these people saying no way it’s an alien, with no evidence to say otherwise.

  • Matt says:

    NOT case closed until investigated up-close. Damn clickbait opinion piece…

  • Goblikon says:

    It’s the goblins. They come from the moon

  • Steel Heavens says:

    Don’t be fooled by this lame article. That is no simple rock formation. This rover will conveniently lose communication right around the time it reaches the location of the object. There has been a community of people on this side of the moon for 80 years. They are not our friends and they will be coming back to Earth with the help of the technology on that rover.

  • Sean says:

    We live in a world where the biggest news of the day is that the queen’s got a bad back, or the Royal family are arguing, deep down who gives a toss, welcome to the world of reality, but what is never publicised is every lousy stinking government cover up from area 51, Rendlesham, alien DNA, all factual objects and now flying discs all over the world, people amaze me lol, they prey to a god that a book has been made up and the world will follow and all run after the same nonsense like the pied piper, but they won’t believe what there eyes are seeing all over the world, I’m just amazed that the human species are so nieve, also in every court it says in god we trust, I mean we trust what we never see but the world still believes it, but what our eyes don’t deny we laugh at it and don’t want to believe, I’m ashamed of being human because we are an embarrassment and laughing stock to intellectual beings when they see our beliefs, wake up humans and for once look outside the box and see why the elite are all manipulating you, I for 1 will never believe there crap, yes I follow through and live by there rubbish but my inner mind knows the truth, Mr ET read my mind like every night, take me away from this bullshit world, I rest my case.

  • Michael Wiese says:

    Has NASA with the Apollo astronauts trained liars and blowhards and sent to the moon? Must be accordingly so, because many of the astronauts – in particular Neil Armstrong – observed evenly such not natural structures and gave by radio to Houston through “we are not alone and are observed!” This became known some years ago by publications of the documentation of the radio conversations. Some astronauts wrote books about it. The ignorance of science is becoming ridiculous and embarrassing. Instead of doing all they can to investigate it, they punish everyone as a spunner. I hope that at least the Chinese will be more open. And when they have found something, I am curious about the gibberish of NASA.

  • Work Horse says:

    Why are we still lied to about space finds. It’s always some convoluted about space dust hitting light at just the right angle,which is in turn deceiving our stupid human ape eyes with a pixelated image from a camera that was trusted for an exploration rover. Space is so endless and vast to believe the human being is the only intelligent life in existence. Well… Isn’t only laughable but proves having an ego that big only proves our ignorance. I believe the documentary Two Face: The Grey gives better answers as to what the “rock” truly is.

  • Icy pigeon says:

    Even if they did find anything on the moon, do you really think they would tell us.

  • Sundial76 says:

    Nice cover up! We have no right to play down what the China are saying. Let’s wait the couple months and see what it really is. Humans are ready for some truth.

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