Credit: OMB


July 31, 2018 Memo from Mick Mulvaney, Director, Office of Management and Budget

FY 2020 Administration Research and Development Budget Priorities: American Space Exploration & Commercialization

“Research and innovation in space have a direct impact on Earth, generating advancements in our basic understanding of the universe and our own planet, and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Credit: White House

Research investments should be focused on ensuring American leadership in space for long-duration spaceflight, in-space manufacturing, in-situ resource utilization, longterm cryogenic fuel storage and management, and advanced space-related power and propulsion capabilities.

Agencies should prioritize demonstrations and flight tests to ensure an industrial base for commercial activity in space and on celestial bodies.

Protein crystals grown in microgravity.
Credit: NASA

One area of potential scientific and commercial importance is microgravity-related research that has the potential for near-term breakthroughs in biopharmaceuticals and materials science.

Finally, agencies should seek opportunities to work with advanced materials, additive manufacturing, optical communications, and machine learning-capabilities that have broad potential applications in space and on Earth.”

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