Making Contact – Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence by Alan Steinfeld; St. Martin’s Essentials/St. Martin’s Publishing Group; 352 Pages; May 2021; Hardcover: $19.99.

This is a bit of a mind-bending compendium of essays regarding ET visitation and the consequential upshot from contact with other worldly beings. For those readers who are bracing for “Full Disclosure” – this book’s for you.

Alan Steinfeld is the curator of this collection, a compilation that strives to be a framework for understanding what “making contact” with extraterrestrials could mean for the future of humanity. But like today’s status of UFO and Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), the scaffolding surrounding the subject can be pretty wobbly.

That said, the book offers glimpses into those seeing government cover-ups, the theory of wow, telepathic contact, including multi-dimensional, multiverse considerations.

Some of the essays, for me, are an alluring part of the book as they are written by several notable UFO specialists, including Nick Pope, a former employee at the British government’s Ministry of Defense. He sees the “are we alone in the Universe?” query being perhaps answered within a generation.

There’s also an essay written (culled from a 1995 talk) by the late John Mack, a noted American psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winner. He spent research time studying the alien abduction phenomenon, explaining that there were those describing experiences that simply did not fit into any kind of psychiatric category of which Mack could conceive.

Part of this compilation is a piece written by Whitley Strieber. Author of Communion: A True Story – that book had its cover displaying an artist’s image of a “grey” alien – now an iconic representation of an ET. He’s hungry for a new conversation with visitors.

Again, if the reader wants to take a pulse of just how complicated the UFO/UAP narrative can be, you’ll find this book mind-numbing. In taking on this volume led by Steinfeld — an explorer of consciousness — be prepared for a melding of easy-to-swallow encounters with objects simply scooting through our sky to discourse on belief systems, hybrid Homo sapiens, and corralling your perception of awareness.

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