Credit: Axiom Space

Axiom Space of Houston, Texas is promoting its skills in building the world’s first privately-owned International Commercial Space Station.

The goal of Axiom’s international commercial space station is to stimulate growth of the low Earth orbit (LEO) user community. To do so, the group sees itself as providing additional and expanded services at the International Space Station (ISS) and allowing a seamless transition to the Axiom station when ISS is retired.

The Axiom Space strategy is to allow NASA to realize their mandate to transition the multibillion-dollar LEO market to the private sector.

Credit: Axiom Space

Space market

Axiom is underscoring several points:

  • The space market exceeds $330 billion today and some estimates show that number growing to over $2.7 trillion by 2030. Human spaceflight is one of the sectors within the space market positioned for greatest growth.
  • There are two main forces pushing the growth of human spaceflight. The first is the many countries who want to join the family of space-faring nations. The second is the burgeoning area of in-space manufacturing that serves industries across the globe.
  • There are big opportunities ahead for investors as the governments who own the International Space Station prepare to turn the space station business over to the private sector.

Investor insights

Axiom has issued an interesting document: Investor Insights: The Promise of Human Spaceflight.

To view the document, go to:

Also, go to this informative video:

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