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A “Dear Friend of the Moon” letter is now circulating, aimed at all U.S. and U.S.-based scientists interested in lunar exploration and discovery.

The letter has been issued, in part, in light of comments by NASA at the recently held International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) meeting in Maryland.

At that meeting, held April 10-11at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, it was stated that “the only place humans can work off planet is on Mars” and “the reason [our international partners] want to go to the Moon is because they haven’t been there.”

That comment has apparently kicked up some lunar dust in the face of leading return to the Moon proponents.

Ignoring the moon

“Sending humans beyond low Earth orbit requires a long term plan. I believe that the Moon is pivotal to this plan in that it is close, it can act as a test bed, and because of the known resources present there, it can stimulate both technological development and create jobs,” says Clive Neal, a lunar expert at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

“With other nations firmly focused on the Moon as a target for their respective space programs, I feel that we ignore the Moon at our detriment,” Neal explains.

Destination Moon 2Elevate the U.S. space program

“It would appear that our space program is a low priority in Congress and the Executive branch of our government and as a result, the United States position as a world leader in human space exploration continues to wane since the remarkable achievement of sending humans to the Moon and returning them safely 45 years ago,” Neal adds. “Therefore, I am asking you to write to your congressional representatives urging them to elevate our space program to a high priority.”

One upshot from the return to the Moon push is a letter writing campaign urging supporters to send a letter as soon as possible to U.S. lawmakers “in order that we can try and stop this erosion of our space-faring capabilities and of our leadership role in space exploration.”

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    Have a fond memory of the occasion. We held an all night party to watch the event. It was AWESOME !

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