Well suited for space, Jenny Leonard’s Astro Baron. Credit: The Barons' Charter - Salisbury 2015

Well suited for space, Jenny Leonard’s Astro Baron.
Credit: The Barons’ Charter – Salisbury 2015

Among 25 well-dressed and decorated Barons on display in Salisbury, a cathedral city in Wiltshire, England, is “Astro Baron” – thanks to Jenny Leonard, a creative and skilled artist based in London.

The Trussell Trust, together with Wild in Art, is staging The Barons’ Charter Trail, called the biggest mass participation public art event ever seen in the city.

The Barons trail will be on display in parks, streets and public spaces across Salisbury for 12 weeks from June 12th to September 6, 2015.

This event is part of a celebration of 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta. The Great Charter of Liberty — or Magna Carta — was written over eight centuries ago and is the most celebrated document in English history. It is at the very heart of the process that led to the rule of constitutional law.

Salisbury is home to perhaps the best preserved copy of Magna Carta and 2015 celebrates 800 years of its existence.

Space uniform

The Barons are on display in high-profile, specially designated locations throughout Salisbury. They have been decorated by local and regional artists and sponsored by a variety of businesses, organizations and individuals.

As a freelance artist and muralist, Jenny Leonard applied her talents to craft Astro Baron for the Salisbury Barons’ Trail.

According to Sophie Sinclair, a communications and social media assistant at The Trussell Trust in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, Leonard’s design reflects an astronaut, “inspired by her thinking about what interesting uniforms would suit the baron best.”

Outfitted with add-ons

Leonard’s view: “I thought the stance and shape of the baron template resembled an astronaut and it would be great to give it texture and turn it into something fun with lots of dials and information about space and the universe for children to explore and have their pictures taken with.”

Astro Baron comes outfitted with add-ons: including a back pack, helmet and visor. “I wanted to make it into a little character,” the artist said, “with buttons and details in the painted fabric to make it look like it’s from outer space!”

Sinclair adds that Astro Baron is a popular one on the trail, “and we’ve enjoyed seeing people taking space man poses next to it, as well as the mirror visor on the baron providing a great opportunity for selfies!”

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