“Tourist” photograph of Apollo 17’s Jack Schmitt taken by Gene Cernan prior to beginning exploration during EVA-3.
Credit: NASA

Apollo 17 moonwalker, Harrison Schmitt’s new Chapter 12 is now online.

“Pages of History” constitutes the seventh installment of “Apollo 17: Diary of the Twelfth Man” – with other chapters to follow.

This captivating section chronicles EVA-3, the continuation of the exploration of the lunar surface at Taurus-Littrow on the third day after landing back in December 1972.

View of the Rover from Challenger’s LMP window prior to the beginning of EVA-3 showing its equipment and the repaired fender. Credit: NASA

Co-editor of this diary, Ronald Wells explains that added features to this chapter include the ability to download some photos in a window separate from the text at higher resolution which will cover most of the browser screen, and can also be enlarged for further examination by clicking areas of the image.

Evidence of events

“Apollo 17’s third and final day of exploration can be interpreted to have provided evidence of events occurring within a few tens of millions of years of the birth of the Moon and its parent Solar System, as well as documentation on four of the major, basin-forming impacts that occurred within the first billion years of Solar System history,” Schmitt explains.

Part of Taurus-Littrow Valley seen from Station 8. Credit: NASA



The chapter ends with the return to the lunar module and a close-out of EVA-3, Schmitt adds, “so far the most recent in history, which includes my Olympic record-breaking hammer throw!”








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